Article: Fence blocking access to lake in Crystal Beach sparks petition

By Nick FearnsFort Erie Post Tue., July 21, 2020

A fence blocking a road allowance in Crystal Beach has sparked a petition that has garnered more than 570 signatures, surpassing a goal of 500.

Tom Lewis, a Crystal Beach resident, started the petition earlier this month after a fence went up in one location near the access, and then was installed in a different location nearby.

Lewis said he grew up in nearby Ridgeway and has used the road allowance for at least the past 20 years in order to go kayaking or use his paddle board.

He said he had not been aware of any issues about accessing the water prior to the fence going up.

Lewis, a former town councillor, said it was never an issue when he represented the ward from 2003 until 2006.

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Tom Lewis

Tom Lewis is the Ward 5 City Councilor in Niagara Falls.

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