Why I Ran For Council

The reason I ran for Ward for Ward 5 Town of Fort Erie Council is simple: I care, and I absolutely love this community! This is no secret. Anyone who knows me knows that I am Fort Erie, and especially Ridgeway/Crystal Beach proud.

The waterfront, restaurants, shops, and people are just some of the things that make our area great. Today, our community starting to boom, and the Ward 5 business core is truly alive and growing! This is thanks to the financial investments of the many people who have decided to take a chance here, and set up a business or call it home. It is crystal clear that Crystal Beach is a colourful, thriving community, thanks to the people who choose to live and visit here.

The time and energy put into the Crystal Beach neighbourhood planning process during my first term on council and the adoption of the secondary plan are bearing fruit today. I believe we are on an upward trend of becoming an even more vibrant, diverse, and inclusive community. I believe that to continue this positive progress, Crystal Beach and Fort Erie need experienced leadership with a history in the community. Just as important, Crystal Beach needs someone who knows how to listen, follow up and act accordingly.  But it all comes down to “Working Together.”

When I returned home to Crystal Beach after living in Mississauga, I quite naturally began taking an interest in local issues. I became involved in starting to once again defend public access to our waterfront that was under unnecessary threat. My involvement in this issue reminded me how much I really enjoyed working on Council and advocating for the community. I was frequently asked by people in the community why I was not on Council, so I began attending meetings and participating in community discussions again with the residents, Business Improvement Association, and the Town. The encouragement I received, and my love and passion for the community convinced me to run again for Ward 5 council in the most recent 2023 election.

Crystal Beach/Ridgeway cannot afford to lose the momentum that has helped us achieve so much. We cannot afford to lose out on any opportunities that will continue to make this community better, and we must work together. I believe this community will benefit from my enthusiasm, experience, knowledge, and ability to listen along with proven skills of advocacy to advance Crystal Beach and Fort Erie further – and in a direction we can continue to be proud of.

Ward 5 Ridgeway/Crystal Beach, or let’s just say Fort Erie, is a great place to raise a family. It’s also a great community to grow older. I know because it’s even happening to me! One thing is clear, there is still room for improvement.

Only by working together can we make our community even better!

On October 24th, I am asking you to elect me (again almost two decades later) to Fort Erie Council, as your Ward 5 representative.

Queens Circle Park Crystal Beach