Fallen Branch Collection Update

If you have branches for pick-up from the recent winter storms we ask that you neatly pile them at the end of your driveway or edge of the road (please keep them out of ditches and off the roads).

To register your property please call the Customer Service Unit at 905-871-1600 to be added to the list.

You can also use the Contact Us feature on the Town’s website at You must register your address for pick-up by March 31st at noon, no additional dates will be added after this date. Town staff will arrange pick-up in the month following. Branch pick-up is not a normal Town function and this service was provided because of the extensive damage caused by the storms.

The Region of Niagara offers branch pick-up in the spring (May 1-26) and fall (October 30 – November 24). The collection takes place for four weeks, on your regular collection day. Visit the Region’s website for further details at

You can also drop off branches at the Fort Erie Bridge Street Landfill (1300 Bridge Street) year-round, free of charge.

Thank you for helping clean up our community!

Tom Lewis

Tom Lewis is the Ward 5 City Councilor in Niagara Falls.

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