Proposed Draft Plan of Condominium & Zoning By-Law Amendment 272 Ridge Road South

On Monday June 26th 2023 Council will be considering the Proposed Draft Plan of Condominium and Zoning By-law Amendment – Canadian Condominium – 272 Ridge Road South – Wendy McGaeghan and Patrick McGaeghan – Owners – Culture Developments Inc. / 5038257 Ontario Inc. (Craig Devries) – Agent

  • Resolution:That: Council approves the amendment to the Town’s Zoning By-law No. 129-90 as detailed in Report No. PDS-48-2023 for the lands known as 272 Ridge Road South, and furtherThat: Council approves the Canadiana Draft Plan of Vacant Land Condominium dated May 13, 2022, showing 3 blocks for a total of 18 block townhouse dwellings as Appendix “2” of Report No. PDS-48-2023, in accordance with the provisions of the Planning Act, R.S.O. 1990 c. P. 13 and the Regulations thereunder, subject to the conditions contained in Appendix “3” of Report No. PDS-48-2023, and furtherThat: Council directs staff to circulate the Conditions of Draft Plan Approval in Appendix “3” of Report No. PDS-48-2023 to the applicable agencies in accordance with the requirements of the Planning Act, and furtherThat: Council directs Staff to submit the necessary by-law.

To read the full report please visit Questions to be addressed to Town of Fort Erie Planner Daryl Vander Veen Intermediate Development Planner or you may contact Councillor Tom Lewis at

Tom Lewis

Tom Lewis is the Ward 5 City Councilor in Niagara Falls.

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